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October 31st, 2022

Introducing Triggers 🎉: build wealth doing the things you love

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Introducing Triggers 🎉: build wealth doing the things you love

by Team

When our CEO made this statement during a CNN interview in August 2021, some may have argued that it was impossible. However, with the introduction of Triggers on the Cowrywise app, saving and investing has become that easy.

Why Triggers is so special

Cowrywise is an app that allows retail investors and businesses build wealth without the huddle of cumbersome paperwork, queues, and other obstacles that existed before we launched. 

However, in the few years that we’ve played as a foremost wealth management company in Nigeria, we have heard many reasons why people do not save or invest:

  • I’ve been scammed before
  • Investments are hard to understand

Triggers was built to address these mindsets. Building wealth that lasts is not difficult. Saving and investing can now be easily merged with your lifestyle. You just need to take advantage of products like Triggers that make the journey to financial independence easy.

What can I achieve with Triggers?

A lot! If you spend a lot of time on Twitter or support a high-performing football club, this simple strategy is perfect for you!

Imagine how you’ll cherish the memory that you saved or invested from one of your tweets that went viral. Or think about how you’ll boast to your friends that you rep 4 football clubs so that you can build wealth seamlessly and consistently. 

Beyond the victory of a viral tweet or your club winning, Triggers help you win with your personal finance.

All these and more is possible when you use Triggers. In this initial launch, Triggers can be connected to how you use Twitter and how often your football team scores. 

Now, you can save every time Haaland lands a hat trick. Also, when you’re passionately replying to a thread about the 2023 presidential elections in Nigeria, defending Machala or 30 BG, or retweeting a tweet – you’ll be saving or investing money at the same time. 

How does Twitter Trigger work?

Currently, you can begin stacking up your funds whenever you tweet or retweet and this can be set up on both your regular savings plans and Naira investment plans. 

This means that whenever you make a tweet or retweet someone else’s tweet, you will automatically top up one or all of your savings or Naira investment plans – depending on what plans you’ve set up Triggers. 

How is the Football Triggers different from Football Saving Goals?

All Triggers can currently only be used on your regular plans. For example, if you have a savings plan towards your child’s education or a long-term Naira investment plan on Cowrywise, you can set up Triggers on those plans. It is currently not available on Circles. 

Football Triggers and Football Savings Goals differ because the former is on your regular Cowrywise plans while you can access the latter when you join any Football Circle. They both save for you when your team scores, but one comes with the calm of personal plans while the other comes with the thrill of saving with others.

How to set up Triggers

Triggers walkthrough

It’s easy!

  1. Update your app
  2. Go to any regular savings or naira mutual funds plan
  3. Select “Connect Triggers”
  4. Use the prompts to set up Triggers

Triggers are not yet available on Dollar Investments and Emergency Funds on Cowrywise. However, you will receive an update once it’s available on all plan types.


Cowrywise has built many tools to help you attain financial freedom but we’re still at the early stages of what’s truly possible. Our mission is to continually remove the barriers people face when it comes to automating their long-term wealth. 

Imagine that you have a goal to save or invest 3 Million Naira at the end of one year. Instead of excessively thinking about how to achieve this, you can simply set up Triggers to top up a minimum of N8,000 daily from your tweets, retweets, and football goals. With Triggers, you get to achieve your money goals with ease.

Triggers is the easiest way to connect your wealth to your lifestyle. So, are you ready to build wealth doing the things you love? Then update your app and log in to get started.